Attract new team members

Attract new team members in your network marketing

Are you tired of running after potential people to find those who want to work with you? Do you want them to come to you?!Hi, I´m Iisa from Norway – a woman who loves freedom, like moving to Santorini and work from there… I know, it’s crazy times – but I love the words of Walt Disney: I¨ve heard there was going to be a recession. I´ve decided not to participate.”

I wanna invite you to join me for a 2-hour workshop – and get the recipe for how you can work in a much easier and more fun way so that potential team members ask if they can work with you!

Time: 21 March at 1 pm EST  – Join live or watch recording. 

New Distributors Regularly

Let them find you

They Contact You

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Why this Workshop is smart

It is possible to have success with network marketing, yes it is one of the world’s coolest business models – yet there is a huge number who are registered in a company and do not earn what they want. Why? While business is so smart? Yes, it is because the way one is encouraged to work does not appeal to very many people. Contacting people, inviting, presenting, following up – it works, there is no doubt about it – but not everyone wants to work like that.Are you one of those people who can imagine people coming to you? They find your invitation, see your presentation, or your sponsor/upline presentation without you having to be present – yes, while you are doing something else – does that sound ok? Or you can present to them in a fun way when you nail the method I use for conversations.This way of working is something a lot of people do, just not in network marketing, but the system works for this industry as well – it’s a job to activate this, but the time you spend on it is worth a lot when your results come – and when you teach your team the same!

This You what you Get At The Workshop

It does not matter what you already know – you will get step-by-step strategies so that you activate your automated network marketing business as it suits you.


You get the roadmap to how to get visibility now. Yes, what works and what does not work has channged. If you want them to see what you have, they need to discover you – I’ll show you how!


Business people have been using freebies for many years because it works! At the workshop, you will learn how to use freebies to get both distributors and customers!


How should you show them the opportunity in the best possible way? I have a method that works on everything! When you learn it, it’s fun to talk to people about the amazing industry you’re in!


Your landing page is your traffic machine – and that properly organized gets people to come to you. This is one of the main reasons why you do not have to contact people all the time, but they will find you.You will love it!


The goal is an automated network marketing business as much as possible. You get the recipe for how to do it in all stages. Network marketing is of course a business where we work with people, but a lot can be automated!


I will guide you through “how to make a 7 day challenge” for yourself. This one you can share with your team. Together  this will give you and the team results, super energy and guts to take action, because you want speed in the team! Success loves sped!

Chatbot Bonus!

I also want to show you how to use a chatbot in your network marketing. Here you can post chats for both potential customers and distributors. You do not have to be technical to do this, I will show you how to set up the chatbot that will do th chatting for you.

Ebook Bonus!

You also receive this workbook of 88 pages that helps you all the way, so that when you finish the workshop you will more easily find your way back to what you want to focus on. Yes, because it is often the case that we do not always take action even if we have learned something, this helps you to get the overview so that you find what is right for you.

Can I Teach My Team To Work Like This?

Once you have participated in the workshop, you get the clarity and the ABC you need to work with network marketing in a new way – and you can teach your team to work in the same way, yes they can use what you create with themselves with a few simple steps. You will learn all about this in the workshop, because we know that duplication is super important, otherwise it is not network marketing, so just relax – you get the recipe for how to duplicate this as well. Are you ready to work in a new way, then sign up for the workshop and I see you ther! Watch the workshop recording if you cant join live. You have access for the workshop as long as you want.

Iisa Mari Persen

I love new opportunities and the energy it gives us. In 2021, my mission is to support as many people as possible to their freedom, and I had little idea how important it would be this year.Since 2005, I have contributed to other people being able to change their story, regardless of the past or current situation. I am a lecturer, author, have my own course-center. I have mastermind groups for self-development and business. Run the Energy School and much more. I have VIP Business customers and write on some books in the same sling….  life is so exciting – I am a creator!In 2013, I was diagnosed with incurable cancer, which meant that I changed a lot on my lifestyle and my focus in recent years has been freedom, as I think this is the ultimate for so many of us. I am a mother of three and live an amazing life with my husband.2021 can be a year of recession, or the year when you upgraded your life and designed it the way you wanted …. it’s your choice! Are you with me?

Who is

this for?

This workshop is for you who are ready to work in a new way in network marketing! You understand that this requires some work from you to get started, but also that you will then be able to experience that potential distributors contact you – or also join your team without you having talked to them! So this is for you who are ready to roll up your sleeves and take a new look at the network marketing industry – if you are one of them, then this workshop is super good for you!


Sign up for the workshop and work smarter with your network marketing