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  • check-circleThe power you need to create the life you want, no matter what your past looks like.
  • check-circleThe road to a happy life no matter what situation you are in now.
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Santorini, aug 2018 

Hi dear. If you want to live a wonderful life, create a new story in your life, then this is the book you don’t want to miss. Warning! Practicing Amazon can make a real change in your life.

But first, keep in mind that this is not a book you just can read and magic happens. During my years as a guide, lecturer, and inspirator, I have seen that many have access to all the information in the world, but they don’t take action. Your results will differ from what you do after reading the book … I write this to make you aware – the possibilities are huge when you decide to perform, not just reading or being inspired … but in taking action!

If you wonder: Yes – I have been diagnosed with incurable cancer. That’s part of my story. My scares. But this is not about cancer. It’s not about me. This is about you. How to create a happy life, even with your story, no matter what it is, to achieve dreams, being persistent and find the Amazon zone – the fighting spirit that never gives up. Dare to try! Being yourself 100%. This is our Power! I have my story. You have yours.

That said – let’s jump right into it so you can find out … 

What exactly do you get in the  e-book

First of all. this is not a “quickfix”. It requires hard work, to put this into operation in your life . This is a method I’ve have tested for many years, after studying for a long time what’s required, both for myself and many others.

It’s easy and inspiring to read, and with tasks that let you quickly find out where you need to take action to live a wonderful life.

72 pages important but easy-to-understand reading – you will fix this with some effort!

Amazon contains a method that everyone can learn to master. It’s very logical when you first understand how it actually works.

“When you find your Amazon, take action and live as yourself 100%, you’ll get the power ! The help you need to find your way – so you get the results of life that you’ve just dreamed of”

No matter what happened to you in the past, what scars you carry with you – you can live a good life when practicing to be an Amazon! Open up and join a new world in this book …

An  Amazon…

Lives in Love

​An Amazon is here to help others in one way or another. We are part of a whole and are ready to do what is needed. Whatever it takes.

​​​Has some scars

An Amazon has not swept through life on a pink sky, but carries some scars with it. These scars have an experience that causes the Amazon to be raw in its being.


An Amazon is determined to answer. To live like a happy person no matter old story. An Amazon plays the match and enjoys it until the last game minute.

Here’s some of what Amazon gives you

“Imagine living in a whole new way” 

  • checkThe most important thing you need to start with, which means that you do not have to regret something, already on page 7, put this into operation. 
  • checkYou learn how to use The One Second Choice – one of the rawest – to change something that you have been working for a long time. Page 12.
  • checkThe MAER* method makes you live in the opposite order of what is normal. This is the eureka itself, as when practicing it will turn your life on your mind – whatever you’ve done so far! Page 15
  • checkYou will discover why manifestation does not work as “ask-believe-receive” and what to do instead. Page 19. 
  • checkForget your old thoughts and feelings. An Amazon zone goes into massive action without any problem in this way. Page 24. 
  • checkWhen you are in the right energy field, new things start to happen. How to get there? Page 28 
  • check The two variants of rituals that make you change this faster than ever before. Page 32
  • checkThe firing method that makes you never more need to live in fear, excuses, victims and the like. Page 36
  • checkPYF is what you introduce and truly understand what you really are going to give you good health. Page 40
  • checkWhen you know where to find yourself and understand the importance of it, things happen as never before. How to do it Page 43
  • checkHow to live happily no matter what challenges you get. Page 48
  • checkThis is what actually makes you fail to do what you want. How to do this and never again experience this. Page 52
  • check Do this and you do not have to go down when you do not want to. Also works when you do not know if you can stand on your legs. The Amazone weapon you will never let go! Page 56
  • checkTo reach your big goals: the WIT* weapon as every Amazon has. Page 60
  • checkMoon Target. Changes your entire view of small goals and gives you the aha recipe for how to always achieve your goals. Page 63
  • checkThis means you almost do not need to think anymore. You always know what to do, when and how! Page 68
  • checkThe secret invitation to the Amazon Tribe. Page 73 

As you can read … this is a huge content in a small book, and what you read above is just a tiny part of it. But it gets better because you get too …

* MAER – Manifesting – Action – Energy – Repetition

*WIT – what ever it takes

*PYF – Pay Yourself First

 Why this book is a must:


Created for you

“You firing your Amazon energy that makes you invincible!”

This book has 3 tasks for you to solve after each section, making it easier for you to put this into practice – and achieve what you’ve decided for!

Stand up paddle boarding competition on open sea, silhouettes of people competing in water sport

Edified so you finally canmaster whatever that comes in your path!

Many that long to be successful in life has been disappointed, but some codes are missing – “How do you actually do it and in what order? The book gives you the answers!

Now is the time to get the codes! Are you ready?

The keys you have missed, collected in one book you can access now!

In fact, if you follow what’s in the book, I’m so sure you’ll get the great AHA experiences in your life, in the areas you want to transform.This is for years counselling people, where the pieces eventually fell into place – and you get it now in the book Amazon, so you can start now!

Here’s your Next Right Step

The book costs $ 9 and you get it immediately for download.Immediately after you enter your order, you will receive the book automatically to your email.The material collected in this book is worth millions for me!

but you get all, almost for free ……

because …

Enough is enough!

Happiness is a choice. Imagine a life with a high average level of happiness. Imagine a better world with more happy people.This is not “just a book”. This is my method I use to live the life I live. This is my darling that I from the my very heart will share with you.

You can achieve huge changes if you follow the book. I almost cry with the thought that so many people can create something completely new in their lives. It is big! I really hope you will see what this can do for you, no matter how you do it today. We all know that there are no guarantees – but why not live maximum as long as we’re here on earth!

Frankly – I hope you get huge results in your life – and this is the start of an Amazon tribe who together will change the world, so that many get a better life. That’s why I give you some of the best I have almost  for free!


Get access to Amazon now!

What are you waiting for – if you want to change now – secure your book and start today:

P.S Are you one of those who just scroll to the end? Here’s the thing:

I offer you the eBook Amazon that gives you the method I use – and how to do it step by step. This is typically something that is sold to many thousands in online courses.

the Book costs only USD 9.-

I give you my method so super cheap because I hope you will practice it, and change what you want in your life.

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