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This book reveals… 

How to manifest everything you want!

Easy-to-understand E-book teaches you manifestation. 

  • 22 steps on how to perform, to get success with manifestation.
  • 3 exercises for each step, will make you sure that you understand the steps in the right way
  • written in an inspiring way, so you  take action and really change anything you want!

Santorini​Hi dear. If you want to master manifestation, change your story to live a wonderful life, then you don’t want to miss this book. Going through these 22 steps will:Change your life.But first, keep in mind – the “average person” who buys “this is how you do it” or “inspired to make changes” often does not get that great results, and after several years as lecturer and inspirator I have learned this.

Your results will differ from what you actually do after reading the book … I write this to make you aware – the possibilities are huge when you decide to perform, not just reading or being inspired … but taking action!That said – let’s jump right into it so you can find out …

Exactly what you get in the e-book …

First of all, this is not a “humming” close your eyes and everything drops down from the sky. These are manifestation methods I have used to test after studying the subject for a long time, both myself and many others.It’s easy and inspiring to read, and with tasks and note pages that let you quickly find out why you have not neglected the manifestation.69 pages important but easy reading, +22 pages of tasks and 44 pages of notes – this fixes you!

Manifestation is a method that everyone can learn to master. It’s very logical when you first understand the interdependence of how it works.

“When you start working with manifestation, taking action and sending out the right energies, the universe will transform for you – so you get something new and different from what you had before”

No matter how you feel today, how your life looks – you can change it when you start with the thrill of manifestation! Open up and join a new world in the Manifestation Book …

And the book is about more than “just” manifestation:

​​​Contact with the Universe

The book helps you open up so that you get closer to the universe – ready to guide you to the life you are meant to live.

​​Take Action

We all know that it does not help just “humming”. You are inspired to take action based on where you are today and you get the steps to what’s smart to do.

​Get Results

Manifestation + Action = ResultsWhen you manifest and take action in all 22 steps, you can get results in your life that will surprise you.

Here’s some of what the Manifestation Book gives you

“Live as if it has already happened”

  • The most important thing you need to do before starting with manifestation, which most people do not take into account and therefore are not successful, already on page 3, you put this into operation.
  • The biggest key that everyone has the opportunity to do something about wherever you are today, which will give you all the new. Page 10. 
  • You understand why you have not got everything you want already and get a new focus that might surprise you and give you an aha experience when you become aware of this. Page 15
  • The important word that will always keep you up when you decide to learn this. Only this word and the tasks you do in it might be enough for you to actually make this. Page 21.
  • When something difficult that has stopped you before, it can be made into something beautiful by your chose. Large delivery will come in your path. Page 27.
  • What causes most to stop – fear, we solve in a simple and concrete way so that you move on to the actual manifestation. Page 33
  •  With this step you will learn how to always choose your next right step, almost without thinking. Page 39
  • Most make mistakes when ordering from the universe what they want, here you get the answer to what’s wrong, and what to do instead. Page 51
  •  Ask for it – believe it – get it … you’re not completely in line with this, the law of attraction. You get to know the reason why it’s actually impossible and what actually works. Page 58
  • There is something stronger than believing, which gives you success in manifesting much faster, an enormous power you have access to and can be trained. Page 63
  • I elaborate the most important sentence in the art of mastering manifestation. Page 69
  • Say goodbye to and “just drop out of it”, with this, you are always in the mood and the right energy just by looking. Page 75
  •  The truth is that a free method you may skip can make the big difference. Page 81
  • Say goodbye to and do not get what you want! This keeps you in the right energy forever. Page 87
  •  Every day for many years I have said the same sentence. Find out how it can change your entire direction. Page 93
  • When you change your view on time, your deliveries will come faster than ever! Page 100
  • The 2 types of action that you want to combine to merge the spiritual and the practical. Page 106 
  •  The next biggest secret of manifestation needed activation to open up the great achievements of the universe. Here’s how to stop your own constraint. Page 111
  • The magic step, which we often forget, but is in system. The power is the lux in manifestation! Page 123
  • When you’re almost in goal, it’s something that makes you often hit the load and does not get through. You get the key that keeps you coming through until the results are delivered. Page 129

As you can read … this is a lot of steps and what you read above is just a tiny part of it.But it gets better because you get too …

 Why this book is a must:

Created for your success

“You can not just manifest and then eat a sandwich.” Jim Carrey

That’s why the book has 3 tasks for you for every step, so it’s easier for you to achieve success with manifestation – and get the life you’ve just dreamed about!

Built up so you can finally master the manifestation!

Manifestation has long been a difficult topic to relate to – “How do you actually do it, and in what order? The book gives you all the answers!I have actually sat and held the book for a while because it is so valuable! But now is the time  …. wooooooooww- are you ready?

The recipe you’ve missed, collected in a book you can access now!

In fact, if you follow the steps in the book, I’m pretty sure you’ll get the great aha experiences in your life in the areas you want to transform.This is for years with the study of manifestation, where the pieces eventually fell into place – and you get all the puzzles together so you can easily access the manifestation method and can start now!

Here’s your Next Right Step

The book costs $ 7 and you get it immediately for download.Immediately after you have enter your order, you will receive the book automatically to your email.In case you wonder …

There is no catch!

I know this is super cheap, so you may wonder what the stuff is?Because this is not “just a book”. This is my method I use to live the life I live, so it’s a lot much more worth than the few dollars you pay.I roughly “give” you this book, for just $7 – to show you real value for “almost without cost”. The truth is that this is one of my very greatest gold – you can achieve huge changes if you follow the book. Having said that …Yes, honestly – I also hope you dig this and that this is the start of a relationship between you and me – so I give you some of the best I have almost for free!


Read whenever you want !

wherever you want …

When you really want something new in life, It’s about exposing yourself to what you really want! 

“Bring your book everywhere, so the steps will be a part of you.”

Those who decide to master something, spend a long time to get good at it. Here I have studied for you so you can get the method and start right away without wasting your time to google and looking for the manifestation method that actually works!

You get what you focus on, so focus on what you want!

Limited offer ….

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When do you want results? If you take action now, the sooner you get started with manifestation!

What are you dreaming about? I always hear people say they want something, something they dream about, more of …. but this is often no more than dreams. Now you have the chance and really get going.You don’t believe it. If you are one who is skeptical of manifestation but still curious – then I have good news! You do not believe that manifestation works; it’s actually about things other than faith. You will be surprised I’m pretty sure.I think you’re going to think this book is so amazing that you’re going to let me say – OMG – Do you have more about this? Straight forward – honestly – no nonsense – transparent … yes you perceive the situation.

  • 22 steps to manifestation and how to do it
  • 3 tasks for each step 
  • The concrete recipe and order
  • An aha experience of what you have not done before and what you will now do to “nail this”

All this for Only


This is a “no brainer” so that you really get the understanding of manifestation – and that this is something everyone can use, and as many people already use in their lives. Athletes, leaders, spiritual … many do it without thinking about it – when you can properly, you can get everything you want!

Get access now to the Manifestation Book!

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“Thank you very much for taking the time, hope to see you in the book!”

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